Grievolution Collective with Jo McRogers
Grievolution Collective with Jo McRogers
Jo McRogers

Welcome to Grievolution Collective with Jo McRogers

Grief needs a Revolution. Join our Grievolution Collective. Don't let Grief limit your Life!

Why Grief Support?

At the age of 21 I left my Father's funeral full of anger and injustice. I did Grief alone and poorly! It took me years to recognize that Grief can be so limiting. I have supported Grief in a focussed, compassionate, professional manner for years working as a psychotherapist. 

I have experienced and witnessed, the release, possibilities, and easing of pain that can happen when we stop avoiding Grief and do our work in a kind, supported community. 

 My dedication to this Collective is to do Grief differently so that we can Live differently. 

What Does The Grievolution Collective offer?

Join our intentional Grievolution Collective that sees, supports and validates Grief. 

Our Collective will host monthly challenges, weekly prompts, science, intuition, exploration, research, Q&A, best practices, and compassion. 

The outcome will be to decrease our pain and increase our connection. ❤️ Together we create our own private, safe algorithm, to have a protected sacred relationship with our Grief.  No scamming, spamming, or judging. No distracting ads or competing priorities.  You and your Grief deserve better! 

You come here to be present with your Grief whenever it feels right for you. Share and participate as much as you feel comfortable with. 

Information, Inspiration, and Intuition will serve as our guides.  

Circles of Care will offer you group chats with others who have experienced a similar source of loss. People who just "get it."  

Being a member will include discounts on courses and events!

NOT therapy but always therapeutic. 🙏🏻

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